Why you need a digital resume instead of a physical Resume/CV?

Do you think it would make sense to send your PDF resume with one small photograph to a girl or a boy who you are planning to marry? Probably not. A resume is a document that is just a small preview of who you are.

If a resume won’t make sense for a relationship, it won’t make sense to a recruiter either. Recruiters and clients get thousands of profiles to choose from and they won’t have the patience to look at your resume. Plus a resume doesn’t help them analyze whether you are a good candidate or not. It is just bio-data and nothing else. It doesn’t give any insights into your capabilities, or how you can be useful for their business.

Since school days we have been taught, to work hard, get good grades and you will get opportunities. So we went from school to college, to courses, to institutions, anyone that will give us a certificate that we know certain subjects. The problem is that no one has ever taught us to market ourselves. Any product or service will get sold only when it is visible. Have you heard of the quote: “Jo Dikhta Hai Wo Bikta Hai”.

It helps you understand how to market and promote yourself. Because you are the service provider. Your client or employer “buys you” if they think the services will be useful for them. That’s why you need a personal website. A personal website is zillion times better than a resume. Just by having a personal website, you will be able to stand out from the crowd of PDF resumes that don’t have much information about the candidate.

A personal website is dynamic and can be updated regularly to reflect your latest accomplishments. LinkedIn and Facebook profiles are also great ways to showcase your skills and expertise. Potential employers can see what you're interested in and how you engage with others in your industry.

Interesting, want to read more? Download Get your Dream Freelance Client in 90 Days ebook by Deepak Kanakaraju & Jayant Padhi. This ebook helps you grow. And one thing, if you want to create a personal website, crate with ManageCV. ManageCV is built with the same idea. But don't worry. In case you need a physical resume, we have options to create a CV as well. See you next time.

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